About Us

Pull up a chair and come learn about who we are at Sunday Dinner with a Twist! We’d love to have you
at our table.

Our outreach began five years ago, after our founders, John “Redd” Martin and his wife, Cassandra, saw
a need and decided to fill it. After spending eighteen, of the last thirty years homeless, depressed, and
struggling with addiction, Redd found the Lord (and Cassandra!), and by the grace of God was freed
from the burdens he faced on the streets. Together, Redd and Cassandra began feeding the homeless
community hot meals, cooked right in their kitchen, just the like the Sunday dinners Cassandra’s family
always had. Eventually, their vision became bigger, as Upstate volunteers began joining in their mission.
We know what we are doing is something special!

As of today, we feed over 125 people each Sunday evening, knowing each week there are many more
we aren’t reaching. With your help, in the short term, we hope to increase our reach to various areas of
the Upstate soon by:

  • Acquiring a fifteen-passenger van to allow for more involvement from Upstate community members
  • Opening a building where members of the homeless community can find assistance with acquiring IDs,
    food stamps, and other programs available but yet out of their reach
  • Cooking in a commercial kitchen, where we can streamline the food prep and assembly of food

We are just getting started in our mission to feed the homeless community, and offer basic needs for
survival in their current situation yet provide hope and resources, to assist with changing their situation.
We see Sunday Dinner with a Twist as being a powerful force in the Upstate, to help inspire real change
in the rate of sever poverty. Our long term vision includes:

  • A full staff available to shelter and feed the homeless community daily, assist in finding resources they
    may need for overcoming addictions, mental health treatment, and medical care
  • Job fairs and assistance in job searches, resume writing and interviewing
  • A week stocked clothing and personal item closet
  • Transportation to job interviews, medical appointments, government offices, obtaining food, etc